Kansas Bluestem Past Foals



2004 FOALS

Pictured left to right; youngest to oldest:
KS Bluestem Teaspoon (Kells In Kirbys Honor i.e. Puckett X KS Bluestem Mabel) - filly
KS Bluestem Prima Della (Kells In Kirbys Honor X Sweets Cin Della) - filly
KS Bluestem Lady Ebony (Kells In Kirbys Honor X D's Ebony Lady) - filly
KS Bluestem W (Kells In Kirbys Honor X Sweets Jada Babe) - colt
KS Bluestem Sweet Angel (Kells In Kirbys Honor X KS Bluestem Tongas Legacy) - filly
KS Bluestem Bonnie B ( Kells In Kirbys Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine) -filly


KS Bluestem Bonnie B

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)
Born: April 6, 2004
Bay filly - no white

Bonnie B is such a wonderful filly. She is quiet in nature, a gentle soul and very much the image of her dam, B Mine who is the daughter of Sweets B Bomb full sister to our original mare Sweets Tonga. B Mine is the product of a great dam line coupled with being out of the stallion the beautiful stallion Osirus also know for lovely dispositions. The product of this cross led to B Mine an outstanding mare of whom herself is a gentle soul. B Mine was broke to ride by a Pony Clubber just using a halter for many months. She is 100% safe.

I only expect Bonnie B, daughter to B Mine to follow in her dams footsteps. Bonnie B has a beautiful lovely gait, inheriting her trot from her dam and that smooth canter from her sire. Bonnie B would excel in the world of sport competition, driving, 4-H or be an all around family using horse. She is one we would love to retain and if she does not sell that is what we plan to do. Bonnie B should mature 15.1-15.3, her dam stands 15.3 and sire is 15.2. When mature she will be a class act all the way, sporting the traditional Morgan color of bay, no white. Her movement will be lofty and powerful............she will turn a head for sure. She will be easy to train and honest; a quiet but classy filly.



Bonnie B at one day of age.

Bonnie B at 6 days of age.

KS Bluestem Bonnie B standing
tied patiently at 10 days of age.

A confident Bonnie B at 6 days of age. She has mastered the art of climbing
steep hills, crossing streams and daily life with the herd.

Bonnie B at one month of age.

Bonnie B at one month of age.



KS Bluestem Sweet Angel

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
Born: April 12, 2004
Filly, black-no white

Sweet Angel is a sweet as she can be. This little filly is very correct and just beautiful. She is also a mellow filly that is a gentle soul. This is Legacy's second foal, we kept her first. Legacy is a full sister to Roxanne is one of my favorite mares. When Sweet Angel was born we thought we would keep her, she is that nice. Sweet Angel was sold at two weeks of age and will find her new home with the John Smith Family of TN. We are sure she will make them one nice filly.




Sweet Angel just hours old.

KS Bluestem Sweet Angel.
Her first day of life begns with the education of survival. Her dam encourages her to
climb the hill, although she is still unsure and shaky with life........after resting and
multiple stops she succeeds. Dam and foal rest at the top.

Later in the day the new filly learns to cross water, she is unsure her first day of life.
Heavy spring rains will soon change the disposition of this serine water crossing

An accomplished healthy filly at the end of day one. She awaits her day two adventure;
each day building on tasks and skills learned from previous experiences; coupled
with what is taught to her from the herd elders.

Sweet Angel enjoying the company of visiting family members.


KS Bluestem W

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X Sweets Jada Babe)
Born: April 23, 2004
Black colt - no white

Sweets Jada Babe produces the most beautiful offspring. This year she gave us an incredibly powerful and beautiful black stud colt. At this time we are evaluating him as a stallion prospect and is not for sale. If you are interested in him contact us; we may be considering a lease, partnership or other options with this one.




KS Bluestem Lady Ebony

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X D's Ebony Lady)
Born: May 1, 2004
Black filly - two white socks

Our old mare Ebony has given us another beautiful filly! Fourth in a row. She like all of her siblings is fearless, intellegent and highly trainable. She will not be for sale as Ebony is an aging mare and we would like to retain all of her fillies.




KS Bluestem Teaspoon

(Kells In Kirbys Honor X KS Bluestem Mabel)
Born: May 5, 2004
Black filly - white hairs on forehead

This year Mabel gave us a very small black filly which we think was a twin. Mabel foaled in pasture so we are unsure if she had only one foal or two. Teaspoon may be little but she is as bold as she can be. She is fearless, independent and highly trainable. She will probably mature under 14.2 and will most likely fall into the "pony" category. She has excellent movement and is as typy as she can be. She would make and EXCELLENT driving prospect for the pony division or make someone a smaller riding horse. Do not let this one pass you by, she no doubt is a gem and a real novelty. Do not let her size bother you as she has got the heart, boldness and "plenty" of type, she is "all" Morgan.



Pictured is my son holding
Teaspoon at 2 days of age.

Teaspoon pictured with my son at nine days of age.

Teaspoon pictured 3 weeks of
age Memorial Day Weekend.

Teaspoon stands patiently tied
at 3 weeks of age.

Teaspoon stands patiently tied
at 3 weeks of age.

Teaspoon stands patiently tied
at 3 weeks of age.


KS Bluestem Prima Della

(Kells In Kirbys Honor X Sweets Cin Della)
Born: May 7, 2004
Bay filly - no white

Cin Della has given us another "beautiful" bay. Prima Della is such a patient and lovely filly. She has wonderful movement and learns very quickly. She will make someone a wonderful mount or driving horse. She is a perfect match for her sister KS Bluestem BlossumODella. These two paired up would be "Gladstone" quality for sure. I would like to see this filly sell as a pair with her sister. Her sister is incredibly beautiful with huge doe eyes and hooked ears. They do not come any prettier then this.





2003 FOALS

Kansas Bluestem (partial) 2003 foal lineup.
Pictured: Kansas Buffalo Soldier at 16 days of age
KS Bluestem Jada Jacqulyn at 10 days of age
KS Bluestem BlossumODella at 6 days of age


KS Bluestem General Franks

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Mabel)
DOB May, 2003
Black gelding

Nice large black gelding sporting no white. General will make a nice sport horse, driving horse or western horse. He has excellent movement, is short backed, mellow and highly trainable. General is the "using" kind.


Photos taken April 11, 2004


KS Bluestem Jada Jacqulyn

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Sweet's Jada Babe)
DOB April 24, 2003
Brown filly

Jacqulyn is the image of her dam, Sweets Jada Babe. Sweets Jada Babe is one of my favorite horses, her beauty is stunning.

Jacqulyn, when grown, will be every bit as stunning as her dam. She has a nice large eye, is wide between they eyes and has lovely hooked ears. She has great movement and is a quiet and gentle filly that will make a great family, sport or western horse. No matter what Jacqulyn is used for she will no doubt stand out in the crowd; as her beauty, movement and disposition are all exceptional.


Photos taken at 10 days old.

Reference photo of Sweet's Jada Babe
Yearling photos below.


KS Bluestem BlossumODella

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Sweet's Cin Della)
DOB April 27, 2003
Bay filly

Blossom is one of the most athletic and beautiful horses we have ever bred. Blossom has a lovely head with a large eye, wide between the eye and hooked ears. She has the Professor Berry head; a sign of kindness and intelligence. Blossom is short coupled and quick on her feet. She has an exceptional trot and a nice smooth canter. If someone wanted to make a reining horse out of this filly I have no doubt in my mind she would be Grand National quality all the way. If used for CDEs; hang on as she will be in and out of hazards in seconds; she is quick as a cat. Paired with her sister Prima Della..well..now that is Windsor quality all the way. Blossom will do what is asked and whatever you want, she will shine no matter the discipline. I really hate to see this one go, as she has won my heart.


Photo taken at 6 days old.

This photo taken at 10 days old.






Kansas Enduring Freedom

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X D's Ebony Lady)
DOB May 2, 2003
Black filly



Photo shortly after birth.

First attempt to rise.

This photo taken at 2 days old.


Kansas Buffalo Soldier

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
DOB May 17, 2003
Black stud colt



At one day old.

Photo taken at 12 days old.

Photo taken at 12 days.

Photo taken at 12 days.

Photo taken at 16 days.

Photo taken at 16 days.

Photo taken at 16 days.


2002 FOALS

Kansas Bluestem 2002 foal lineup.


KS Bluestem Fort Riley

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
DOB 21 April 2002
Black stud colt

Roxanne is one of our favorite mares. She is 100% loyal and a true beauty. What a spectacular colt she had for us this year!! I still can not believe she gave us a black. We are thrilled. No matter where this foal stands he is always correct and posing. He has little hooked ears and a bold and positive personality. What a lovely cross this is. Roxanne's boldness, cross country speed and movement coupled with Puckett's graceful trot and smooth canter. My feet still have not touched the ground I am so thrilled with excitement over this one.



KS Bluestem Jada Jewel
(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Sweet's Jada Babe)
DOB 24 April 2002
Filly, unsure of color at this time 99% sure black.

Sweet's Jada Babe gave us a foal that is simply beautiful. I call her a story book foal. She reminds me of the little toy "horsy" dolls they sell little girls were they can comb and brush the long manes. Or the animal characters in story books with large eyes and long eyelashes. Her color is extraordinary a silver gray that almost glows. Her eyes almost a see through gray and they match her coat color very simular to a cat. She is wide between the eyes and sweet as she can be. She is a gem, a jewel, she is beautiful and feminine as was the Princess Dianna. No doubt this foal was nothing but a gift to us from the heavens above.





They were born the same day. Both fillies, both black, both have personalities of tranquility and serenity, both bold, both keepers. It was a cross I have wanted to combine for a long time. The crossing of two different Herod lines. Many, many years ago they came from the same source then the lines separated. This breeding brought the two lines back together again. The lines are of Herod blood, Archie O/Rose Bay crossed with Blackwood Correll/Red Correll. Both lines carry all of the Herod qualities I admire. These foals so far have exibited the Herod qualities in spades. I keep saying it but I have to say it one more time! Someone is watching from above for we sure were blessed again with these two fillies. Both will be named with the combination of families they carry. Correll, Herod, Archie O, and Sweet's blood.


KS Bluestem Herod O Correll
aka "Opie"
(Whippoorwill Jetwood X D's Ebony Lady)
DOB April 29, 2002
Black Filly



KS Bluestem Sweet O Correll
aka "Olive"
(Whippoorwill Jetwood X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
DOB April 29, 2002
Black Filly



KS Bluestem Prairie Mac

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Ranier's Mischief)
DOB May 3, 2002
Bay stud colt

Mischief had a lovely bay this year. This foal will be big and will be a sport horse for sure. When he trots he already is reaching out and stretching even at his young age. He has a wonderful loving personality and is smart. Both foal and dam are sold and will be moving to Florida.



KS Bluestem
Prairie Storm
(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Mabel)
DOB May 5, 2002
Black stud colt

He was born at dusk in pasture approximately two hours before the severe spring storm hit. He had enough time to get up, nuzzle Mom, dry off a little and nurse. The storm was severe, strong winds, lightning, thunder and flash flooding. It was not an easy entry into life but it was 100% natures way. The next morning and less then 24 hours old that foal had accomplished as much in life as a seasoned trail horse. To my surprise his dam had brought him to our pasture gate wanting to show off her new addition. In bringing him home she had to cross steep muddy embankments and a creek that was raging high and strong from the evenings storm. How this foal newborn foal had even lived through such a crossing was a miracle and amazing to me. It is from his beginnings that we arrived at a name. He will be called Black Cloud. These two photo's were taken right after birth before the storm.



2001 FOALS


KS Bluestem Kansas Ranger

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
DOB April 2, 2001

Kansas Ranger is a powerful bay stud colt. This is Roxanne's first stud colt, so far all have been fillies and all of her foals look the same. All powerful foals with excellent bone, substance and dispositions. We consider Roxanne to be one of our best mares. You can not go wrong with a Roxanne baby. We are very, very excited about this foal. He is extremly correct and will make a very powerful Combined Driving horse, or whatever you would like to use him for. He had been worked from birth just like all of our foals and stands tied quietly, leads, side passes, backs, and does a very nice turn on the haunches or roll back. He is very athletic and will make someone a very "beautiful" and "powerful" Morgan. He will mature 15.1-15.3.



KS Bluestem Prairie Gal

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Mabel)
DOB April 29, 2001
Black, Filly, no white

Mabel has done it again, she has given us the most beautiful black filly. We are going to call her KS Bluestem Prairie Gal. She is just a week old now. She is a very friendly filly and has already entered our kindergarten basics. Watch for updates on Prairie Gal.


Pictured one day of age.


Kansas Two Step
(WAR Justin X Rainer's Mischief)
DOB April 15, 2001

Kansas Two Step is a large bay stud colt with no white. He is a good looking foal and will have nice size and substance to him. He also is a true single-footer. This foal has yet to take a trotting step. If single-foot is what you are looking for this is the one. He is a smooth as they get. Something to watch.




KS Bluestem Jada Joe
(WAR Justin X Sweet's Jada Babe)
DOB April 4, 2001

Big Jada Joe is one really beautiful foal. He has inherited his Dam's head and eye's. He will be a VERY typey Morgan with very large eyes and have great width between the eyes. Jada Joe's bloodlines coupled with his beauty make him an EXCELLENT stallion prospect. If you are looking to put old bloodlines, type, bone and substance into your herd, Big Jada Joe is for you. This foal will be awesome when he grows up. Big Jada Joe has been one of my easiest foals for me to train to date. He is extremely mellow and will do what ever you ask. He catches on REAL fast. So far Jada Joe sidepasses, backs, does turns on the haunches, picks up all of the feet and stands tied quietly forever. We are still unsure of Jada Joe's color at this time. We think he may be a black bay or brown. Jada Joe carries no white. Let me tell you this foal is BEAUTIFUL!!!



KS Bluestem Apple Annie
(WAR Justin X Sweet's Justa Doll)
DOB April 10, 2001

How fortunate we are to get a beautiful little filly out of Dan and Vickie Spurlock's mare Sweet's Justa Doll. This little one is a REAL gem. We are still unsure of Apple Annie's color at this time. We are thinking she will be brown. She is a very sweet filly with a very gentle disposition.


2000 FOALS


KS Bluestem Racing Redbud
(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)

Both sire and dam are broke, safe, and worked by all our family members to include children, and are of Old Midwest Foundation, "Using Lines", which are rich in the blood of Herod.

Racing Redbud is a filly, born April 8, 2000, solid bay, should mature 15.1-15.3, she carries excellent bone and substance. Her temperament is excellent, very friendly, mild in nature, not high strung and easy to train. Racing Redbud is an EXCEPTIONALLY nice bay filly. She has inherited all of her "Mom's" good characteristics. She is remarkably easy to train, as she has been trained and worked from day one. We do not call it "Imprinting" at Kansas Bluestem Morgans we call it "Using Them". Right from the start, right from day ONE!!!. We by no means work them hard or push them to much, but they learn all about life and how to behave from the start. Bluestem Morgans are "worked and used" from birth and never know any different. Even if it is only standing tied patiently for one hour, this is still training. How many horses have you seen that will not stand tied patiently?? Well, our feelings exactly. So we start them early and it is ingrained. Exceptional behavior is the rule rather then the exception to the rule. Training is second nature to them and they LOVE their lessons. In the photos you will see Racing Redbud sidepassing and doing a very nice turn on the haunches or roll back. She was FOUR weeks old in the photo. She also stands tied for many hours at a time quietly and patiently. Redbud picks up all her feet, line drives, side passes, does turns on the haunches, backs, has been saddled, etc.. This little girl is 100% and knows nothing else. She is a two year old in a weanling body. All she needs is a little time to grow and you will have one outstanding horse. Racing Redbud has been raised in the Flinthill pastures of Kansas, she can run to her hearts content, has never been stalled and has been raised with a herd. She has learned respect from her elders. She must cross ravines, gullies, and creeks daily. She has already learned the art of "Trail Riding" on her own at a very young age. This line is noted for being bold, sound, of good substance, and having exceptional feet and legs. These Morgans are in your face people loving horses. One of my qualities that I place second behind a good "Mind", is that cross country better get there today, walk and trot. This little filly has inherited both the good "Mind" and the cross country walk and trot. These horses are very versatile and excel in and have been used in disciplines such as driving (both pleasure and combined), trail, 4-H, jumping, Pony Club, polocrosse, western, english, dressage, ranch work etc.. This is not a high strung line, just using horses of an Old Midwestern Foundation lines. Lines that have been bred specifically for usability. Racing Redbud will be a mount that is both quiet and classy. Racing Redbud is priced at $1,500.


Racing Redbud sidepassing at 4 weeks. Notice in photo she is crossing over in the front very nicely. Although I would not call this sidepass the best, she does do better ones. Just not caught on camera. A photo of Racing Redbud doing a nice roll over the haunches. Notice her rear haunches are planted and she is rolling over, performing a nice roll back. She is very light on the reins, and extremely athletic. Pictured at 4 weeks of age.


Racing Redbud saddled and tied at 4 weeks of age. Racing Redbud "hanging out" at two weeks of age.



KS Bluestem Buffalo Gal
(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Mabel)
(Mabel is a full sister to Racing Redbud's dam Roxanne)

Again both parents are broke, proven safe and worked by all our family members to include children and are of Old Midwest Foundation using lines. This foal is a "Superior" little filly. Born in the Flinthill pastures of Kansas, a large foal with curly black locks like a Buffalo, hence her name Kansas Bluestem Buffalo Gal. Buffalo Gal is solid black, born May 2, 2000, she should mature 15.1-15.3. She is an exceptionally "Friendly Filly", with a very placid, easy going personality. She for sure is a horse that will bond with its owner and give 100% or die trying. Buffalo Gal, since birth, also has been worked "Used/trained" and raised in pasture and in the same fashion as Racing Redbud. (See Racing Redbud's write up) Buffalo Gal side passes, ties, line drives, backs, trailers, picks up all her feet, saddles. I really do not want to sell this foal. I consider her a real "Keeper". My husband said I must sell her and I agree she must go. She has the training and knowledge of a two year old, has bone and substance that will carry anyone anywhere without a problem. She also has inherited the cross country walk and trot that will get you there FAST, and with this sweeping speed comes the mild mind that will do this Quietly, Safely, and Sanely. Again of an Old Midwest Foundation line, bred specifically for sensibility and usability. I hate to see this one go.


Our beautiful black gem, Buffalo Gal, at one day of age. A beautiful large boned filly with black curly locks of hair. The disposition of a gentle soul. My son Eli with Buffalo Gal one day of age.


Buffalo Gal line driving at two weeks of age. Buffalo Gal standing tied patiently away from "Mom" at two weeks of age.


KS Bluestem Classy Boy a full brother to Buffalo Gal. He is pictured here at 12 months of age with his owner, Sherry Davis. As you can see he is quite handsome and will have lots of size and substance. He also was trained as a small foal in the same fashion as Racing Redbud and Buffalo Gal and has retained all of his training. This early training has given Sherry's horse a superb foundation and the building blocks to make her an exceptional and lifelong sane and sound "Using" mount. Again a fine example of our Old Midwest Foundation lines bred specifically for sensibility and usability.




KS Bluestem Sweet's Legacy
(Sweet's Classy Zip X D's Ebony Lady)
DOB May 2000



1999 FOALS


KS Bluestem Classy Boy
(Kells In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem Mable)
DOB May 1999

Pictured at 6 months



KS Bluestem Sunflower Girl
(Kells In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
DOB April 1999

Pictured at 5 months.



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