Kansas Bluestem 2007 Foals



2007 FOALS

Pictured from left to right; youngest to oldest:
KS Bluestem The Big Red 1 (Adiel’s Stetson X Sweets Cin Della) “Red”
KS Bluestem Ebony Star ( Adiel’s Stetson X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl) “Star”
KS Bluestem Lady Liberty (Adiel’s Stetson X Burchtree Roxanne) “Liberty”
KS Bluestem Tallgrass Tonga (Adiel’s Stetson X KS Bluestem Tonga’s Legacy) “Tallgrass”
KS Bluestem Jada Jenevieve (Adiel’s Stetson X Sweets Jada Babe) “Jenny”
KS Bluestem B Borias (Kells In Kirby’s Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine) “Borias”

Claudianne and Kerry

Kansas Summer ~ 2007

In many of the foal photos you will see pictured Claudianne and Kerry. Claudianne is my cousin’s daughter and are from Sherbrooke which is located in Quebec, Canada. Danielle emailed me in the winter that Claudianne and her friend Kerry wanted to spend the summer on the farm with the horses. So we were excited to have the two horse crazy girls, Claudianne and Kerry spend the summer with us in Kansas. Each day they would feed the mares, work with foals and ride the horses. There were six foals so each girl chose three foals that they would work with for the summer. Each day they would get their foals out and work and train them. I was truly amazed at what the girls had taught the foals. The foals were definitely ready for a diploma at the end of summer. When the girls left for at the end of summer there is no doubt the foals really missed their summer companions. Pictured are photos of Claudianne and Kerry enjoying their Kansas summer.




KS Bluestem B Borias

(Kells In Kirbys Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)
Bay stud colt
DOB 13 March 2007

I really love the cross of Puckett and B Mine. All of the foals from this cross have been lovely moving bay beauties with excellent temperament and size. Their bloodline contains some nice horses like Kennebec Count, Osirus and B Mines dam Sweets B Bomb; known producer of 16 hand dressage beauties.

Borias was our first foal born this year. He was born in pasture and Katherine was the first to find him. Katherine is partial to B Mine foals so I thought she should name him. Katherine finally chose a name that was fitting for the lovely bay. He would be called Borias, a strong masculine name for the lovely bay, who over time is becoming the image of his name. Borias is of gentle nature, bold in spirit and seems to take things in stride. He is easy to train and retains his lessons well. When grown he will be similar to his full siblings, all powerful animals with great substance, bone and coupled with exceptional movement. Borias has been sold and is now living in Iowa with Deb Morris. Deb will use him for trail riding and driving; both pleasure and combined. Borias will soar in the arena of driving. Even as a foal he is already displaying that lofty sport horse movement. He has everything Deb wanted plus a little more in the height department. Hopefully Borias will not grow to big as dept ordered a “medium” one. We hope to see Deb and Borias competing someday in harness at the Harvest Moon Driving Classic. I can guarantee is we will be there too and I will watch with great pride.



Borias at one day of age with Katherine.

Borias at one day of age with Katherine.

Borias at one day of age with Katherine.

May 21

May 21
~ Spring Trail Ride ~

Borias on spring trail ride next to dam with blaze, KS Bluestem B Mine.

Borias picking his way through some rough trail for a foal. This is not new to Borias, he is part of a herd and he has learned from birth how to maneuver through difficult terrain and how to act within the herd. In other words “horsey herd manners” and respect of elders.
~ July, 2007 - Claudianne working with Borias ~

August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007

August 22, 2007

August, 2007

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Borias at 6 months with his
new master Deb Morris.


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Borias at 6 months with his
new master Deb Morris.


KS Bluestem Jada Jenevieve

(Adiels Stetson X Sweets Jada Babe)
Brown filly
DOB 01 April 07

KS Bluestem Jada Jenevieve, “Jenny”, is one lovely filly. Jada always has outstanding offspring and Jenny is one of her finest. Jenny is 100% Sweets bred as her sire is Stetson. Jenny really is a reflection of her bloodline; correct, beautiful, highly trainable and really built from top to bottom. I often think our foals have “big hips and pretty faces” well Jenny is all of that plus some. Jenny has such a pretty face possessing big eyes and a tea cup muzzle. In the hip department Jenny is quite “endowed”, QH folk would no doubt love little Jenny’s hip. Her temperament is quiet in nature, sensible and quite bold. I think she is going to mature into a very lovely animal and will be easy to train, honest and smooth riding like her sire and dam. Jenny is currently not for sale.



~ Jenny Day One ~
~ Jenny at one week of age ~

Jenny with Borias
~ May 19 - 21, 2007~

~ Jenny and Justina ~
I am not sure how horses know their close relatives but they do. Our horses live in a herd, all sexes and ages, and it is funny how full siblings will hang together or be more tolerant of each other. Somehow they know they are “blood family” and not just herd mates. Pictured are Justina and her full sister Jenny enjoying “quality” time together. Both fillies are brown in color even though Jenny looks lighter.

~ Jenny on a spring trail ride with mares and foals ~

Jenny leading the way with dam, Sweets Jada Babe.
crossing gullies and ditches
~ Kerrie working with Jenny ~
July, 2007
~ August 2007 ~


KS Bluestem Tallgrass Tonga

(Adiels Stetson X KS Bluestem Tonga’s Legacy)
Black filly
DOB 10 April 2007

KS Bluestem Tallgrass Tonga is named after the native Bluestem prairie grasses which make up the Tallgrass Prairie. Tonga was a name handed down through generations of her Midwest Herod lineage.

Our horses live in a herd the natural way and our mares exposed to all elements even during foaling season. There are risks to foaling horses the natural way but risks are also assumed when animals are confined in stalls to give birth. Each side has stories of horrific endings. Tallgrass was born in early spring when the spring rains came. The days were cold and wet but the little black filly was born with great heart, determination and strong hardy bloodlines. I offered her dam, Tonga’s Legacy, an area with cover and soft hay bedding but she preferred the elements. So dam and new filly exposed to the elements grew all the more tougher and hardier as each day passed. Now Tallgrass is a lovely weaned beautiful black filly and what a beauty she is. Her movement is up there with the best of them. She reminds me of her Uncle Andy when she moves, a stride that floats along the meadows as if carried on wings, and all I can say is “magnificent”. I am just ecstatic about this lovely filly. She combines everything I like to see in a pedigree of great Midwest Herod breeding. This little gem us not be for sale and will be retained forever…… Someday she will sport a fine harness of polished brass and as she sweeps around the ring in graceful and balanced movement I will think of how much God has blessed me.



~ Tallgrass Day One ~
~ Jenny at 2 days old ~
~ May, 2007~

“The Match Race”

Tallgrass and dam
~ Tallgrass and Borias play ~
~ Claudianne and Tallgrass - July/Aug, 2007 ~

Claudianne sidepassing Tallgrass
~ Tallgrass - August, 2007 ~

KS Bluestem Lady Liberty

(Adiels Stetson X Burchtree Roxanne)
Black filly, sporting no white
DOB 10 May 07

Lady Liberty was named after the Statue of Liberty, symbol of our countries freedom. I thought this name would be a good name for Roxanne’s lovely black filly; it is a name that speaks volumes and fitting for our cross of Stetson X Roxanne. She is probably, phenotypically, is the most Herod/Archie O foal that we have ever produced. She is a cutsie thing all the way around from top to bottom. She has a cute little head which is wide between the eyes with little hooked ears. Liberty has wonderful hindquarter on her and she screams western. She mature she will look much like her sire. Liberty is very interactive, inquisitive, bold and has considered herself part of the family since birth. I think she really knows she is of great lineage as she struts around and thinks she owns the place and she is “it”, no questions asked. She acts like she of “royal” lineage and her place at Bluestem Morgan’s will never be questioned. My husband first originally pointed out her “royal” attitude to me and I guess I have to agree. We have TOO MANY but how can I let this little “royal” filly go? She is as cute as a button and typey as can be. She has won my heart and currently I do not have the “heart” to list her on my for sale page. Her dam is aging and I just love her sire. This is the combination of two horses that I just love, so honest, typey and bold. So for now my lovely Liberty will stay. She has told us so…………



~ Lady Liberty - Day One ~
Liberty day one of age, Roxanne is bringing her new foal in from pasture for the “viewing”. Liberty only hours old has to learn the ways of pasture living and how to negotiate through ravines, hills and water crossings. These obstacles will become much a part of her daily life and routine. This physical work will build strong bones, tendons, muscles and she will experience daily interactions with a herd family of all ages will build her mind. She will never know the wall of stall living.
~ May, 2007~

Liberty and dam, Roxanne.

Liberty following her dam on a trail ride.
~ Summer, 2007 ~

Claudianne and Liberty

Claudianne and Liberty

Claudianne and Liberty

Liberty fully enjoying a good
scratch from Kerry.
~ Liberty - Summer, 2007 ~
Claudianne working with Liberty, teaching Liberty to
load in a trailer, lounge, pick up her feet and jump.
~ Liberty and Catherine ~
~ Liberty - August 2007 ~

KS Bluestem Ebony Star

(Adiels Stetson X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl)
Black colt
DOB May 23, 2007

When Star was born he had what looked like a perfect star configuration on his forehead, so thus his name, Ebony comes from his color, rich and black, and was a the name of his granddam.

Star is of linebred Midwest Herod lineage. His granddam, Ebony, produces horses with a high degree of intelligence and trainability. Star is no different. Even as a foal Star is displaying exceptional intelligence and boldness. He seems to think things out and if he disagrees then corrected he seldom forgets his lesson. He builds on each lesson and has remarkable trainability. Star has a long strided walk which seems to display much of his self assured boldness. I have seldom seen this foal take a step out of fear. He is also very inquisitive and should mature into an unflappable self assured driving/riding mount.

Star has been sold and will be joining a family of long time Morgan breeders in Kansas. I am so pleased to have placed him into a home that has such great Morgan history. He will be paired up with another black Morgan. His destiny is to become a driving horse and to be ridden on the ranch and for Pony Express celebration activities.


~ Star ~
~ Star - day one of age ~
~ Star at two days of age ~
~ Star at 9 days old ~

Catherine and Star
~ Trail Ride, 2007 ~

Kerry, Opie (Stars dam) and Star trail riding.

Kerry, Opie and Star enjoying a ride through fields and pastures.

Star gets a drink in the setting sun.
~Kerry worked with Star all summer long and taught Star many things to include leading, jumping, picking up feet, trailer loading and the list goes on… Pictured is Kerry and Star during many of his lessons. ~

Kerry and Star
~ Star - various summer photos ~
~ Star’s dam Opie is highly intelligent, it seems like all of my Ebony babies are.
Here Opie is pictured bowing with Star and I.
Star has inherited his mother’s easy trainability and intelligence. ~

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~ Star leaves for his new home. Prior to leaving he meets his future driving mate.
They will spend many years together, side by side in play and in harness; they will know each other well. Today their noses touched for the first time. ~


This was Star’s last day with us. We taught him many things, all building blocks
which will help him to succeed in his new life. Star will mature into a stout
animal of easy trainability and good nature. We will miss him.
Star is pictured with his new master Doug. Doug and his family
will use Star for ranch work, pony express events and driving.

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KS Bluestem The Big Red One

(Adiels Stetson X Sweets Cin Della)
Chestnut – possibly turning flaxen
DOB May 25, 2007

The Big Red One, or Red is named after Fort Riley’s First Infantry Division. The First Infantry Division is the oldest division in the United States Army and it is located nearby. It is a division that contains great history and honor.

Red is an incredibly beautiful and typey foal. He has a lovely head with large eyes, hooked ears, tea cup muzzle, large hindquarters and good length of hip. Red loves affection and fully enjoys human companionship. He loves to be groomed. He seems to learn things very easily, retains them and really tries. Red would make great reining horse as he is extremely athletic and can spin and turn quite nicely. He is of quiet nature but will need a future master that is experienced. His bloodlines contain some of the best Midwest lines. He no doubt could become a stallion but I believe we will geld him so he can live a long life dedicated to pleasing his master. I really love this foal, he is a beauty. He reminds so much of Cin Della’s filly from last year, Rosa. She is one I should have never sold but I can not keep them all.



~ Red - one day of age ~
Cin Della brings her newborn foal, Red home. Red, like the rest of the Bluestem foals, must quickly learn what real life is about. His first challenge in life is to pick his way down a steep hill containing obstacles, then cross a creek. Cin Della checks on his progress. Thank goodness the spring rains diminished as the creek was low. Many times in spring the rains swell this creek and it runs rapid and high. It always amazes me that the mares and foals will still cross.
~ Red - 6 days old ~
~ Red and Catherine ~
~ Red on a spring trail ride with his dam and other Bluestem horses ~
~ Kerry and Red - Summer, 2007 ~
~ Kerry developed a strong bond with Red and taught him many things. I think Red was her favorite. Pictured are Kerry and Red enjoying the summer days and the many things they did together. ~

Cynthia and Red

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