Kansas Bluestem 2010 Foals


2010 FOALS


~ Kansas Bluestem foals 2010 ~



Kansas Pottawatomie Princess
(Kansas Buffalo Soldier X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl)




Sire: Kansas Buffalo Soldier

Dam: KS Bluestem Herod O Correl


~ August 2010 ~



KS Bluestem Red Ryder B
(Adiels Stetson X KS Bluestem B Mine)
Born April 3, 2010




Sire: Adiel’s Stetson

Dam: KS Bluestem B Mine


Ryder pictured at 7 days of age with his dam, B Mine. Ryder has a blaze just like his dam. We will soon know if he will shed off his light coat and turn into a dark red jewel like his dam. I love his dam's color.
I really like this colt. He is going to be big and sporty (???) like his dam
coupled with the baroque curves and prettiness of his sire.

Red Ryder B, pictured at three weeks of age is displaying the calmness and patience of an older animal tied. Even at a young age Ryder is learning the lessons of life; patience and discipline. He will remember these lessons throughout his life and these lessons will become his building blocks to a strong foundation as he matures.



KS Bluestem Bronze Soldier
(Kansas Buffalo Soldier X Sweets Jada Babe)
Brown stud colt
Born April 18, 2010



Sire: Kansas Buffalo Soldier

Dam: Sweet’s Jada Babe


~ Jada has had her foal. This is my first sighting of the new arrival. ~
~ Jadas colt is just a few hours old and still very unsure of himself while standing. He is a beautiful stud colt with incredible bone and substance. Jada is a consistent producer of outstanding stock. She is what I call a “Blue Hen”; producer of exceptional stock time after time. ~
~ The Water Crossing ~
The colt is a few hours old and beginning to learn the lessons of life. His first encounter with water and first water crossing. Lucky for the foal the creek is down making the crossing easy. Even though he is only hours old he will remember the lessons he is learning today.
~ At the water crossing Freedom decides to have a little fun.
She is heavy with foal and will soon give birth to her first foal. ~
When new foals are born within the herd it is a exciting event for the entire herd. It is a jubilation; an event worthy of great celebration. The horses prance and dance around to express their emotions. All of them carry around a twinkle in their eye and all join in the celebration of “life”. When they get to close to “Mom” she lets them know. She guards her perimeter. They in turn guard her perimeter from any outside intruders. Those allowed closest to the foaling mare are usually siblings through the dam of the new foal. Sometimes the older dams will try to steal foals and the older dams know this. So the foal is guarded closely by the new mother.

The horses run and dance.
They are filled with the excitement about the birth of a new foal.

Liberty is excited and displays excitement with a content face and twinkle in her eye.

Reagan runs to catch up to his dam and new ½ brother. He will not let them out of is site. He is very excited about his new brother.

Reagan gets to close and Jada warns him of her pending correction if he does not respect her guarded perimeter.

The herd settles back down for the evening. Jada and foal are encircled by members of the herd protecting her and the foal from any possible threats or intruders. Jada and foal are located in the middle of the circled horses.
~ At three weeks of age Bronze Soldier is already learning the art of standing patiently while tied. He is developing into a very beautiful baroque colt. ~



KS Bluestem Chisholm
(Westwind Ethan X KS Bluestem Lady Ebony)
Black colt - no white
Born - April 23, 2010



Sire: Westwind Ethan

Dam: Bluestem Lady Ebony

Lacey, dam of Chisholm pictured with Katherine.
Click pics to enlarge.



~ Day one of life. It had just rained, the pasture was muddy and the weather was chilly. I found Lacey in a brushy area and she had just recently foaled. ~
~ The new foal is still unsteady on his feet but soon gained his footing. He will soon be traveling as fast as the wind with the rest of the herd. ~
~ Pictured later in the day and several hours older
Chisholm is now much more alert and active. ~
~ Just hours old Chisholm encounters his first steep hill. ~
Chisholm has never seen water before. He takes his time and checks out the creek, tastes the water and then decides it is OK to cross. As with all Kansas Bluestem foals these first experiences of life will become a daily occurrence. These experiences will be the building blocks for building strong bone, minds and a sure footed, dependable steed.
At two days of age Chisholm is now sure footed and fully mobile.
Everyday will lead to new life adventures and experiences.
Chisholm pictured with his dam at 6 days of age. Chisholm is a beautiful colt.
He has a very pretty head, hooked ears and a nice long hip.
Chisholm 9 days of age.
Chisholm - August 2010.



Kansas Let Freedom Ring
(Westwind Ethan X Kansas Enduring Freedom)
Black filly
Born April 28, 2010



Sire: Westwind Ethan

Dam: Kansas Enduring Freedom

Click pics to enlarge.

Freedom is my personal riding horse. Freedom is very bold and smooth riding. She is not gaited but so smooth you would thing she is. She rides like glass be it canter or trot. Freedom is pictured at age 4. That summer I rode Freedom on the 100 mile Oregon Trail ride and later in the fall took her to her first Competitive Trail Ride. It was her second time off the farm, the Oregon Trail Ride was her first. Photos from the CTR show Freedom at veterinary check, tied out and at the end of the ride displaying all of her honors. Freedom just age 4 won her novice division and then won overall novice championship! That is quite an honor for a young mare in her very first competition. Freedom was competing against seasoned novice riders from all states and all breeds of horses. An event the predominate breed is the Arabian! I was so proud of Freedom. Kansas Let Freedom Ring will be destined to follow in her dams footsteps and make her master proud.


~ Kansas Let Freedom Ring pictured at one day of age. ~
~ Let Freedom Ring and dam at two days of age. ~
~ Freedom and sister Lacey tell Willard the mule.


Finally, with a bit of pride and hide missing, Willard looks on at the new arrivals.

~ Over the years I have learned so much about the behavior of horses within a herd. It is amazing to see families within the herd develop strong family bonds through the dams line. Both Freedom and Lacey are full sisters. They are very close and take care of each other. Both are experiencing their “first” foals. Many times I have seen Lacey taking care of Freedoms foal and Freedom taking care of Lacey’s. I have even witnessed Lacey’s foal getting mixed up on dams and trying to nurse Freedom. Freedom watches after Lacey’s son just like it was her own. These sisters graze together, move about together and share the duties of motherhood. Pictured are Lacey and Freedom enjoying the company of a good sister and first time motherhood. ~
~ August 2010 ~




Kansas Buffalo Scout
(Kansas Buffalo Soldier X KS Bluestem Tonga’s Legacy)
Black stud colt – no white
Born – April 30, 2010



Sire: Kansas Buffalo Soldier

Dam: KS Bluestem Tonga’s Legacy


~ Kansas Buffalo Scout just a few minutes old and still very wet. Scout is a very large black colt and is just beginning life. Still wet, his mane ringlets were cute enough to deserve a photo. He looks like he will have a very nice head and eye. ~
~ Scout dries off and even at a very young age he looks like he is going to be a dandy! I have waited a year for this cross thinking it was going to be a GREAT cross and I believe it will be!! ~
~ Kansas Buffalo Scout at 16 days of age. ~
~ Kansas Buffalo Scout - August 2010 ~






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