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My husband told me this is your site and you put into words what you "feel". So I did that exactly. My passion is horses, has always been and will always be, I have never known anything else. This site has taken me some time to complete. It is written with the passion I feel, from the heart, and in total honesty. I owe a great deal of thanks to Nancy Castle, the designer of this website, for she has spent a great deal of time with me. This sites' backgrounds, borders, dividers etc. are all derived from our horses, our farm, and the Flinthills of Kansas. Nancy, thank you, I am pleased.

Also I will close with one last photo. It is our "road home", one in which visitors are always welcome.

~Suzanne Avery DVM ~




Suzanne Avery DVM

If you would like to learn more about the foals for sale
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