Bluestem Beginnings



Racing Redbud sidepassing at 4 weeks. Notice in photo she is crossing over in the front very nicely. Although I would not call this sidepass the best, she does do better ones. Just not caught on camera. A photo of Racing Redbud doing a nice roll over the haunches. Notice her rear haunches are planted and she is rolling over, performing a nice roll back. She is very light on the reins, and extremely athletic. Pictured at 4 weeks of age.


Racing Redbud saddled and tied at 4 weeks of age. Racing Redbud "hanging out" at two weeks of age.


The early years in the training of foals is important. They are the building blocks of the future. Racing Redbud was purchased as a yearling by Phil Hanebutt of Indianapolis, Indiana. Redbud never missed a beat in her new home and the Hanebutt family truly enjoy her. Here is Racing Redbud pictured at 4 years of age. Redbud is driven by Laura Hanebutt age 15. Laura plans to use Redbud for combined driving and 4-H. Redbud is a reflection of what she was bred to be a using horse that is both quiet yet classy. She is the image of her dam Roxanne a mare that has always been 100% honest and gives it all.



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