Kansas Bluestem 2009 Foals


2009 FOALS


Pictured from L-R, youngest to oldest:
Willard the Foundation Morgan Mule (Mammoth Jack X KS Bluestem HerodOCorrel)
Kansas Enduring Honor (Adiel’s Stetson X Burchtree Roxanne)
KS Bluestem The Old Guard (Kansas Buffalo Soldier X Sweet’s Jada Babe)
KS Bluestem Cimarron B (Adiels Stetson X KS Bluestem B Mine)

The Boys Club
Pictured L-R – 2009 foals in late winter:
KS Bluestem The Old Guard, Kansas Enduring Honor, KS Bluestem Willard, KS Bluestem Cimarron B


KS Bluestem The Old Guard
(Kansas Buffalo Soldier X Sweets Jada Babe)
DOB 19 April 2009
Black stud colt sporting no white

This is our first foal sired by Kansas Buffalo Soldier and we could not be more pleased with this foal. He is still just a sprout but it is clearly visible that he is from strong fine seed stock. Evaluation at this young age shows us a couple of things. So far he is bold in nature and appears to have some lovely movement. He was born XL and so far is maintaining XL. We all thought he was a huge foal when born. He has large soft eyes, is wide between the eyes, has hooked ears, arched neck, good length of neck and large bone. He is a wonderful specimen!

His name is KS Bluestem The Old Guard. Well I am sure you are probably wondering what crazy lady who would name a new foal old guard. The foal is not old and not a guard. Since his sire is named Kansas Buffalo Soldier I wanted a name with historic military significance. This foal stands out from the crowd. He has since we first set eyes on him. He rises above the pack like a layer of cream on milk. There is one unit in the Army that stands above, it is “The Old Guard”..The 3rd US Infantry Regiment BCT. The Old Guard is a ceremonial unit which provides escort to the president, military funeral escorts at Arlington National Cemetery and maintains a 24-hour vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The soldiers assigned to The Old Guard are top notch soldiers; top to bottom. Kansas Buffalo Soldier's first born will bear the name of excellence and distinction. His black coat will shine and when he is in show attire; polished silver or brass….. he will look formal, traditional and be true to his name……..The Old Guard.


Sire: Kansas Buffalo Soldier

Dam: Sweets Jada Babe


The time has come and Jada begins to foal. The mares foal out in pasture the way nature intended. There are many risks to foaling outside in a herd. There are also risks with foaling in a stall. I pray each foaling season that the good Lord will look down and help us through the foaling seasons. This year Jada starts to foal down by the creek.

The foal is born and he big, black and leggy!

~ Jim helps the new foal up. ~
Jim and I assist Jada and new foal up to the house. Jada is such a good dam. She is patient and understanding with us. She also is an excellent milker. She milks like a Jersey cow.
Once home new foal starts to dry off and looks for some nutrition; first milk; colostrum. He finds the teat and begins to nurse. Jada checks out her new edition. They are both a muddy mess from the creek.

He starts to dry off and his new life begins….nursing and walking around trying out his new legs. He is beginning to build strong bonds between he and his dam and is introduced to the kindness of mans hand.

~ He begins to dry off and even at day one looks pretty good. I am excited! ~

~ All dry and fuzzy, about two hours old ~
~ He rests and then he and Jada go back out in pasture. He sure has some light eyes. ~
He is now in natures play pen. He made it through the first few hours of life and is nearing the end of day one. He has run, played, nursed and slept.


OG and his dam walk across the freshly burnt Flint Hills grass. Soon this black charred earth will be a vibrant green. Great nourishment for all beasts that graze. As they walk into the horizon, Jada will ensure her new foal remains safe.

~ OG at two days of age. ~
He knows much more then he did yesterday. He knows who his dam is and can run through the woods like a deer. He is also mastering trail riding 101. I love to watch the foals grow. Each day is different.


~ OG at three days of age. ~
He looks out into his play area. An area that houses many of the great tools of learning and development.

~ The call of the wild ~

During our pasture visit of the horses Kimon and Whooo tree a varmint. Whooo lets out his call. I love to hear the howl of hounds. It echoes through the woods. Kimon is tired and stops to take a break in the river bed. All of these areas are areas that the foals run, play and learn about life. The steep banks serve as natures fencing. The horses cross the creeks in areas that are not so steep. These creek crossings build strong bone and sure footedness in young horses.

At 4 days of age OG begins to unfold.
~ Day 4 – playing around ~

The head tells a story
Wide between the eyes, hook ears, large soft kind eyes, tea cup muzzle – a head of kindness and intelligence.

Enjoying a scratch from Jim.
~ Summer 2009 ~



KS Bluestem
Cimarron B
(Adiel’s Stetson x KS Bluestem B Mine)
Bay colt
DOB 04 April 2009



Sire: Adiel’s Stetson

Dam: KS Bluestem B Mine


~ B Mine checks on her new foal. Her new colt is just a couple of hours old. ~

“The Guardian”
B Mine is on high alert. All of her instincts are on “high”. She knows her young foal is vulnerable to prey.

B Mine’s new edition rests peacefully knowing his dam is standing over him.

Spring is a special season. The smell of the air, the sound of geese flying North overhead. Soon the prairie grasses will be set on fire to burn off the old brown stand of grass and kill weeds. The Flint Hills will soon display a vibrant display of fresh green grass. Spring also brings a new set of foals. Each foal bringing new dreams, hopes and aspirations. Catherine is pictured with B Mine’s new foal. B Mine foals are always one of Catherine’s favorites. The bond is beginning; human, mare and foal; B Mine accepts Catherine’s kind touch.

German Shepherds ~ The loyal and dedicated herding breed. Kimon is the keeper of the horses. He is the guardian of the farm. He knows when there is a new arrival be it cat or new foal. He knows the foal is fragile and displays the eyes of concern. Kimon will introduce himself and will soon also be the foals “protector”.
~ B Mine’s new foal soon finds his feet. ~
A horses survival is based on the instincts of “fight or flight”. B Mine’s foal is so very new to life and already beginning to move with the speed of the instinct of survival “flight”. He was born of the prairie and will soon learn the ways of the prairie. His dam will protect him from intruders and his feet will carry him out of harms way.
The prairie will ensure his bone grows strong, the wind, rain and hail will make him tough, the herd will build his mind, social skills and respect. He will only know the kindness of mans hand. Life’s lessons will soon begin.

~ Pictured at three days of age, B Mines foal explores life and seems to be always in motion. ~

He was born on the prairie, born free, yet remembers the kindness of man on his first day of life. He is trusting of man and comes up to Jim to share a moment. At three days of age B Mines foal begins to display some of his personality. He is very inquisitive, independent and bold.

~ A Pasture Visit ~
Four days old

B Mine’s foal enjoys the visit, human companionship and some scritches. He tells Catherine a little to the left please….and two humans, wow, much better then one. He thinks he needs to reciprocate and Catherine enjoys the attention!

~ The obstacle course ~
At day four the colt maneuvers over natural obstacles like a pro. He has already crossed water, jumped logs, climbed steep hills and ravines. He is learning trail horse skills 101.
~ Snack time ~
After his adventure he takes a snack while B Mine watches for intruders. The colt will be good sized as his dam is 15.3 and at day 4 is already showing size. Some foals can walk under their dams, but even with a dam that is 15.3, this colt never could take the “short cut” underneath. He is to young to evaluate movement but I suspect he will have excellent lofty movement; it is in the genes. I sure like this colt.
~ A side tour – pasture mates ~
I call them my “Bedouin Mares”. They are my Ebony girls. Cherished, prized and as intelligent as Border Collies. They are a part of my soul. They seem to know all before they are even taught. I often think if they lived in the Arab desert they would be the family of horse that slept in the Bedouin Tent along with their masters. Highly prized and cherished by their owners. Pictured is my lovely Kansas Enduring Freedom; my “Bedouin Mare”.
Day 4 foal visit/tour, takes us to a visit with pasture mate KS Bluestem Tallgrass Tonga. Tallgrass is a coming two year old. She must have known I named her Tall..something as she is growing like a weed. Tall and gangly. She is a daughter of Stetson, Ebony granddaughter and out of a full sister to my Beau. Her training will begin in spring. Slow, easy training but I have to admit I can not wait until she wears a polished brass harness. She is going to be a beauty and as you can see loves attention, and she gets it from both Catherine and I.
It is the end of day 4 and B Mine and foal start to settle in for the evening. The forecast for tomorrow brings 30 MPH winds and rain. In spring folks set out transplants or seedlings outside for “hardening”. Tomorrow will be this little fellows first official day of “hardening”. He and B Mine will probably settle in some draw or wooded area to protect themselves from the wind and rain. The elements will make him tough and his dam and herd mates will teach him the skills of survival.



Enduring Honor
(Adiel’s Stetson x Burchtree Roxanne)
Homozygous Black Stud Colt
Foaled - April 26, 2009

Honor is a very lovely stud colt. He has traits of both his sire and dam. A beautiful, kind eye coupled with lovely movement. We consider Roxanne to be one of our favorite mares and all of her foals have been exceptional. Honor is no exception. He was tested to be homozygous black. We look forward to watching Honor mature. We will post more photos of Honor as he matures.


Sire: Adiel’s Stetson

Dam: Burchtree Roxanne


~ Summer 2009 ~
~ Fall 2009 ~

Honor is to the left/rear and Old Guard is to the right/front.



KS Bluestem Willard
Foundation Morgan Mule
(Mammoth Jack X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl)
Born: June 2, 2009

My son wanted a Morgan mule and I held out for a long time but he finally won out. The result was Willard. It did not take long for me to fall in love with this guy. He is a beauty and a real character. VERY DIFFERENT from any horses I have known. One thing for sure he keeps me smiling and I am always amazed at the things I see him doing. Willard is a true gem. I wonder now if he is “my” mule or my sons. Willard and I are now bonded and when loose he follows me everywhere. He is like a dog.


Sire: Mammoth Jack

Dam: KS Bluestem Herod O Correl


~ Day 1 ~
~ Day 2 ~
~ Willard with Katherine, and with Suzanne at the mounting block ~
~ Willard's first trail ride ~
~ Willard is growing up and changes color ~



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