Kansas Bluestem 2005-2006 Foals



2006 FOALS

Pictured left to right; youngest to oldest:
KS Bluestem Private Cathay (Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
KS Bluestem Chuckanut (Adiel's Stetson X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
KS Bluestem Della Rosa (Adiel's Stetson X Sweet's Cin Della)
KS Bluestem B All U Can B (Kell's In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)

KS Bluestem B All U Can B

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
DOB 19 March 2006

Can B is one beautiful animal. He is correct in everyway, top to bottom. We thought he was a bit big when he was born and then he just kept growing, and growing and growing! There is only two weeks age difference between Can B and Rosa and Can B towers over her and the other foals. One should also note the other foals are not small, but average! Can B has lovely movement and screams sport horse. I really have loved B Mines past two foals when crossed with Puckett. Bonnie B belongs to a good friend, Sherry Davis and we retained Key B, both fillies have superb movement and are lovely animals. Can B will follow in their footsteps but in a much larger package. Can B's movement will be lofty and lovely to watch. His size, bone and substance will command respect by all that see him. Can B is bold and docile in nature. He will make a great sport horse.

Can B has been sold and will be used as a sport horse/cross country. Can B will also stand at stud when he comes of age. He will be moving to New Brunswick, Canada. Good luck Can B we will miss you. Catherine will miss you most, you were special to her. Her favorite foal and she dearly wanted to make you hers. College commitment did not make this possible.






KS Bluestem Della Rosa

(Adiel's Stetson X Sweet's Cindella)
Chestnut Filly
DOB 04 April 2006

This little filly is a feminine trinket of sheer beauty. She exudes Morgan type with a chiseled head that is wide between the eyes, large eyes and small hooky ears all tapering down to a teacup muzzle. She has a rear end that would make QH horse folk look twice; packed with power and the engine of her great agility and speed. She is a linebred filly carrying Classy Boy, Condo and Chuckanut Hacienda 3X and the Herod blood of Archie O/Rose Bay 4X. This filly makes me wish I were 12 years old again so we could run like the wind together. You would have to hold on to the horn with this one as she will go zero to top speed in seconds. She is destined to be a young lad/lassie's gymkhana model, reiner or cutter. Her blood/heritage sets her destiny and her physical form allow her genes to play the part. If you want to fly Rosa will take you there and her beauty and speed will sure catch a bystanders eye.






KS Bluestem Chuckanut

(Adiel's Stetson X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
Black Filly
DOB: 20 April 2006

Chuckanut is one of our first fillies by Adiel's Stetson. Needless to say I was extremely thrilled when she was born. I had no intentions of selling her, but my lovely Chuckanut was sold along with our beautiful Rosa. Both fillies were sold to the same home. Two of my highly prized Stetson fillies. As my husband often will tell me "You can not keep them all". I guess I do have this problem with my horses. They are family to me and I could keep them all. Chuckanut is a lovely little filly that carries the rich blood of Herod. She is named after Chuckanut Hacienda a Morgan that was also dually registered as a Quarter Horse. Chuckanut Hacienda raced on the QH tracks and became a AAA racer. Our Chuckanut carries Chuckanut Hacienda in her pedigree three times. I have no doubt in my mind she will be considered prized stock by her new masters. While she was with us she not only displayed beauty but a willingness to learn quickly. Chuckanut just wants to please. I was sad the day our lovely Rosa and Chuckanut left Kansas Bluestem Morgans. They in my heart will always be "retained".





KS Bluestem Della Rosa and KS Bluestem Chuckanut
pictured with their new "family".




KS Bluestem Private Cathay

(Kell's In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
Homozygous Black Filly
DOB 14 May 2006

Roxanne is no doubt one of my favorite mares. She is a full sister to my beloved Beau and dam of our young stallion Soldier. Roxanne is one of the most honest and kind horses I have ever known. All of her foals have been treasures. All have had spectacular movement coupled with excellent temperaments. My lovely Roxanne is getting up there in years and how I hate to see this happen. In 2006 Roxanne gave us a lovely black filly. This filly is class from top to bottom and from the inside out. I named her Private Cathay. In real life Private Cathay was the only female Buffalo Soldier. I thought that name was fitting as her full brother is named Kansas Buffalo Soldier. Needless to say due to the age of our mare Roxanne we decided to retain this lovely filly. We have not retained any of Roxanne's fillies and I thought we best hold on to the lovely Cathay. Cathay like all of her full siblings is blessed with incredible movement. A treasure she is and a blessing from above.






2005 FOALS

Pictured left to right; youngest to oldest:
KS Bluestem Corporal Black (Kells In Kirbys Honor i.e. Puckett X Burchtree Roxanne)
KS Bluestem Jada Justina (Adiel's Stetson X Sweets Jada Baby)
KS Bluestem Spiritual Hope (Puckett X D's Ebony Lady)
KS Bluestem Annie Oakley (Puckett X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
KS Bluestem Key B (Puckett X KS Bluestem B Mine)


KS Bluestem Key B

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)
Born: March 23, 2005
Bay filly - white star

Key B is a lovely bay filly with a white star. She is an exceptionally nice filly with lovely head. KeyB has large eyes and hooked ears. She is an intellegent one; you can see it in her eyes. When mature she will be of good size with good solid bone and muscle. She is out of KS Bluestem B Mine who is the daughter of Sweets B Bomb full sister to our foundation mare Sweets Tonga. Key B is bold and curious, has lovely movement and will make a lovely sport horse.






KS Bluestem Annie Oakley

(Adiel's Stetson X KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy)
Born: April 14, 2005
Filly, black-white star

Annie is the daughter of Frieda who is the daughter of our original mare Sweet's Tonga. Frieda is a full sister to Beau, Zorro, Willie, Roxanne, Mabel and Brewner. We sold Brewner 10 years ago to Mike and Vickie Tiano, Michigan. Mike and Vickie loved Brewner so much came back to buy another horse. Vickie wanted a black filly out of the same lines as Brewner so in 2004 they reserved the 2005 foal out of Freida, full sister to Brewner. In April 2005 Frieda gave birth to KS Bluestem Annie Oakley, a black filly and just what the Tiano's ordered! Annie's sire is Stetson who is also related to Frieda and Brewner, the cross was a linebreeding. Annie is a beautiful animal and would not have left this farm if she were not reserved the year before! She is going to be of good size, has spectacular movement and is absolutely fearless. She is gentle, kind and inquisitive. When we let the foals out it is alway Annie that is into everything an has her nose constantly "checking things out". Annie loves people and will make the Tiano's an exceptional driving horse and mount.





KS Bluestem Spiritual Hope

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X D's Ebony Lady)
Born: April 24, 2005

Hope is not for sale and will be retained. She is out of our old mare D's Ebony Lady who is an aged mare. We have not sold any of Ebony's fillies since Ebony is an older mare. All of Ebony's offspring are fearless and highly intelligent. Ebony is also the dam of our stallion Adiel's Stetson. Hope close to perfect. She is fearless, intelligent, has exceptional movement and is correct in everyway. Please watch for updates on Hope as she grows and later goes into training.




KS Bluestem Jada Justina

(Adiels Stetson X Sweets Jada Babe)
Born: May 5, 2005

Justina is a typie feminine version of Justin Morgan. She is a such a beautiful filly. She also has a beautiful head with large doe eyes and hooked ears. She is quick to learn and easy to train This filly will stop anyone in their tracks with her beauty. She is correct in everyway and is also blessed with lovely movement. She is 100% Sweets breeding as her sire is Adiels Stetson and dam is Sweets Jada Babe. This one exceptional filly and a knock out for sure.



KS Bluestem Corporal Black

(Kells In Kirby's Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
Born: May 29, 2005

Corporal is out of one of my favorite mares Roxanne. We have held back Roxanne's 2003 foal Kansas Buffalo Soldier to retain as a breeding stallion. We may possibly be holding back Corporal to pair with Soldier. Corporal like his full brother is fearless, easy to train and has exceptional movement. We are excited about Corporal. Hopefully someday you will see Soldier and Corporal paired..



Future pairs meet - Kansas Buffalo Soldier and the "young" KS Bluestem Corporal Black

Soldier seems to say "Why young Corporal, you have some growing to do if you expect to pair up with me!"


Full brother to Corporal Black and possible future pair; Kansas Buffalo Soldier - pictured at age two. Soldier and Corporal should make a stunning pair. Soldier has such spectacular movement that when he moves you just have to stop and watch. As a pair they will be stunning.


Reference Sire:

Adiels Stetson
(Sweets Classy Zip X D's Ebony Lady)

Sire of:
KS Bluestem Annie Oakley
KS Bluestem Jada Justina



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