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~ SOLD ~

KS Bluestem Key B
(Kells In Kirby’s Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)
23 March 2005

We are pleased to announce KS Bluestem Key B has been sold to a wonderful “forever” home. Our prayers of placing her with a loving family and a forever home have been answered. Key B will become a faithful and dedicated trail riding companion for her new Mistress.

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We have decided to cut down on stock, so our loss is your gain. Offered for sale is our lovely Key B. We were retaining Key B but we need to cut down on stock so she is now offered for sale. She is a Puckett daughter and this may be your last chance to purchase a filly out of Kells In Kirby's Honor.

Key B is the product of two incredible animals. Her sire Puckett was one of the most athletic individuals I have ever known. Key B's dam, B Mine, is a large stout animal with gifted movement.

With two talented parents, Key B is destined to make a beautiful dressage horse. Key B is bold and seldom shies so she will be a fun one to take out on the trails. She is not herd bound. You can take her away from the herd by yourself and trail ride her without a single call back to the "buddies". She has been worked from birth so she is "easy" to work. She will stand tied forever and does not argue about it. She is of good size with excellent bone and substance; will mature at 15.1-15.2.

Key B has only known the gentle hand of man and has no bad habits. She has been raised in a herd the natural way and crosses creeks, gullies and steep hills daily. She is 100% sound in mind and body. This is a nice horse, truly a keeper, but unfortunately, we have to part with our beloved beauty - Key B.

Key B is looking for that special person who will give her a "forever home". She will make you proud.

Currently priced at $3,500 - 20 January 2010; price subject to change.

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Sire: Kells In Kirby’s Honor
Dam: KS Bluestem B Mine
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Key B and I. Our last ride together the day before she left for her new home.

Key B with Katherine riding her last winter.

KS Bluestem Key B taking her new Mistress for a ride in the Flinthills.



~ SOLD ~

KS Bluestem Corporal Black
2005 Black Gelding ~ 100% Foundation
(Kell’s In Kirby’s Honor X Burchtree Roxanne)
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Corporal update: April 22, 2010
We were lucky enough to have placed KS Bluestem Corporal Black into a “forever home” last fall. I think God has answered my prayers again. Lea and her family are all of that. Corporal will be used as mainly as a trail riding mount and possibly also be used for jumping. The biggest honor a breeder can have is when their horses bring great joy to the families that own them. The following is an email I received from Corporal’s new Mistress, Lea.

Lea’s email:
Hi Suzanne!
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Corporal. He's doing AWESOME! I can ride him all over and around other horses and he does just what I ask. They can come trotting by and he will stay at a walk, stand or back up--no problem. I can ride him home by myself away from the others and he's fine. So many common problems I've seen (or had!) he has none of them. I rode him today and it was very windy....he was great, not spooky at all. You're exactly right--he's an honest horse!

Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather!

Needless to say I was both humbled and honored when Lea emailed. Prior to selling Corporal to Lea I told her Corporal was an honest horse and would always take care of her on the trails. Boldness, honesty and sensibility is what he was bred for and I so am pleased KS Bluestem Corporal Black is following in his horse families hoof steps. Corporal is blessed to have found Lea as his Mistress.

Suzanne Avery DVM


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Corporal is a lovely black gelding that will mature approximately 15 hands. He is a very willing animal that seldom argues or shies. His nature is bold and temperament inquisitive. He is not high strung and he is easy to get along with. Catherine is pictured riding him in these photos and he is one of Catherine’s favorites. Catherine has been riding him lightly since he has been two years of age. She can ride him away from the homestead into the cow pastures alone and he presents himself as a solid citizen. He does not call for home or request to go home. He has plenty of go coupled with a quiet demeanor. His dams full brother, Beau, is now 27 and still going strong. If Beau had an odometer he would be going around for the second time. Corporal will have the soundness and longevity of his uncle and dam. We were keeping Corporal to pair up with his brother, Soldier, but he is not going to make the size of his brother thus he is up for sale. Soldier will make an excellent driving horse as he has inherited the speed of his dams side. He will have no trouble making CDE times. His boldness will carry him through the obstacles without hesitation. Corporal has only know the human hand of kindness. He is respectful of man and has no bad habits. He is kind, willing, intelligent and easy to train. Corporal will make someone a solid gelding and he will no doubt be a horse of a lifetime; a forever mount.

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~ November 2008 ~
Catherine and Corporal open a metal gate, then later in the ride Catherine opens a barbwire gate with Corporal. Corporal displays his patience.

A stream crossing
Catherine and Corporal ride the Flint Hills
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~ SIRE ~
Kell’s In Kirby’s Honor

~ DAM ~
Burchtree Roxanne

~ Corporal & Lea ~

Corporal and his new Mistress, Lea, enjoy their ride in the Flinthills of Kansas.




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