Kansas Bluestem 2008 Foals


2008 FOALS


2008 Kansas Bluestem lineup. L-R, youngest to oldest:
KS Bluetem Sula Mith (Kells In Kirbyís Honor X Dís Ebony Lady)
KS Bluestem Cindy Lou (Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl)
KS Bluestem Stetsina (Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Sweet O Correl)
KS Bluestem Trooper Black (Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Tongaís Legacy)
KS Bluestem Reagan (Adielís Stetson X Sweets Jada Babe)
KS Bluestem Sarah B (Kells In Kirbyís Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)



KS Bluestem Sarah B

(Kells In Kirbyís Honor X KS Bluestem B Mine)
Bay filly
DOB 02 April 2008

B Mine is no doubt the producer of some magnificent animals. Her dam is a full sister to our foundation mare, Sweets Tonga, and her sire is one of my favorite stallions, Osirus. All of B Mines' offspring have been outstanding, and our 2008 filly is no different. She has met, if not surpassed, the bar of excellence in our eyes. Sarah is a Beauty from top to bottom. She has a mellow, very quiet temperament and is very bold and inquisitive in nature. She is quick to learn and the trainability and sensibility rank very high in this little one. She almost appears to be a deep thinker with an old and "grown up" soul. She is an animal of incredible lofty movement and when she comes of age will become an outstanding dressage and carriage horse. Plans currently are to keep Sarah at Kansas Bluestem Morgans. Someday she will darn a black leather harness with shining brass fittings, and when she graces a show ring she will be an ambassador for her breed, and a beauty to watch .



Sire: Kells In Kirbyís Honor

Dam: KS Bluestem B Mine


Sarah B - Day 1

Sarah B - Day 1

Sarah B - Day 1

Sarah B at 4 days of age.

Sarah B at 4 days of age.

Sarah B with dam B Mine.

Sarah B four days of age with
Katherine and Cynthia.

Sarah B Ė one month of age standing tied.

Sarah Bís full sister Key B, pictured at 3 years of age. I would love to someday pair these two fillies up as they both have the same lovely movement. I am not sure if that will happen as I have to cut down on numbers and we may have to sell my lovely Key B.
~ Sarah B at 7 weeks of age ~
~ A growing Sarah B ~
~ Sarah B enjoys giving Trooper a back rub and exchanges secret tales ~

A curious Sarah B

Sarah B checks out baby Sula when Sulaís Mom is not watching.

June 28, 2008

June 28, 2008

June 28, 2008
~ Hot summer days and growing on the Kansas prairies ~

Sarah Bís lovely length of neck coupled with brilliant movement will
make her an excellent future dressage/carriage driving horse.

Fall is coming soon and our lovely Sarah B is beginning to change. She will be weaned soon, beginning lifeís adventures without her dam. She will remember her lessons learned from Mom, the herd and her daily adventures through the Flint Hill prairie.

~ FALL ~

Sarah B is now weaned. She darns a thick and wooly coat which will protect her during the coming winter months. She now resides with several other foals and a couple of mares. Sarah B will spend the winter months romping and playing with her peers. When spring comes she will once again be incorporated into the main herd where her dam and full sister reside. No matter how long a separation the dams always remember their foals. In a herd you will many times see full siblings together or dams and their offspring.


KS Bluestem Reagan

(Adielís Stetson X Sweetís Jada Babe)
DOB May 03, 2008

We are very blessed to have several mares that produce time after time giving us the most beautiful and correct animals. Sweets Jada Babe is such a mare, she is what one would call a "Blue Hen"; a producer of outstanding stock. This year she produced an incredibly beautiful stud colt named Reagan. It is not often I wish to sell a colt intact, as a stallion prospect but Reagan is stallion quality all the way. He is very correct from head to tail and inside and out. He is mellow in nature and very bold. The mellow nature is a trademark/trait of all of Jada's foals. They have high trainability, sensibility and exude a sense of confidence. Reagan has lovely movement and when under saddle will be smooth riding. All of Jada's offspring have been smooth riding and Reagan will be no different. At maturity he will be a baroque beauty, like his sire and dam. He will have long flowing locks coupled with powerful glass like movement. He will be bold, fearless and remain low keyed. If you wish to add a bit of "de-throttling" with a bunch of "fancy" in your herd Reagan is you horse. He is 100% Foundation and 100% Sweets breeding. His blood should be retained, as he is one of the last of this cross. He is a stunning treasure not only on the outside but on paper, too.



Sire: Adielís Stetson

Dam: Sweetís Jada Babe


~ Reagan day one ~
~ Reagan and his dam Jada, day one of age ~
~ Reagan nine days of age ~
~ Reagan making friend with Catherine ~
~ Reagan Ė three weeks of age ~
Reagan sports an exquisite head. He is wide between the eyes and his eyes are large, soft, and doe like. He has hooked ears and a short tea cup tapering muzzle. When grown Reagan will be a baroque beauty with a head that will catch any eye.
~ Reagan three weeks of age ~
~ Reagan enjoying life at 3.5 weeks of age ~
~ Reagan 3.5 weeks of age ~
Reagan is nearing 4 weeks of age and has turned into an impressive beauty
coupled with an old Foundation Midwest pedigree. He is beginning
to grow into a baroque beauty just like his sire and dam.
Reagan continues to grow up and fill out. He is blessed
with excellent muscling and hindquarters.
Reagan, eight weeks of age, is starting to shed his foal coat and is enjoying life.
Reagan is now weaned, pictured at 6 months of age. He is growing into
a incredibly beautiful animal. Reagan even as a 6 month old foal
exhibits extraordinary bone, muscle and excellent conformation.


KS Bluestem Trooper Black

(Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Tongaís Legacy)
Black Stud colt
DOB 06 May 2008

Trooper is out of another one of my favorite mares KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy. She is the daughter of our foundation mare Sweet's Tonga and full sister to Roxanne, Beau, Willie and others. When we bred Frieda to Stetson last year I secretly prayed for a colt. I wanted a Stetson son out of my lovely Frieda who has never produced a stud colt. In my prayers I prayed for black, no white, pretty head with hooked ears and sporty movement coupled with the "baroque" look of his sire. That morning I found Frieda in pasture and the little black foal looked up. Oh my, I said to myself. This could not be true. The little foal was all black and the ears where so hooked they were nearly touching! What a beauty Frieda had and my prayers were no doubt answered when I found out he was a stud colt. Trooper was a prayer answered. I wondered how I could have been blessed with not just one, but two incredibly beautiful stud colts. Trooper struts his stuff and puts on the show. Head up, forward moving and incredibly balanced. He reminds me of the posters advertising Morgans of long ago. Like his Ĺ brother Reagan, from head to tail, inside and out, this guy is just incredible. When grown he will join the ranks of the elite and those remember for many years. Trooper is 100% Foundation.



Sire: Adielís Stetson

Dam: KS Bluestem Tongaís Legacy


~ Trooper pictured with dam at one day of age ~
~ Trooper at 3 weeks of age ~
~ Trooper enjoying life at 4 weeks of age. ~
~ Trooper 4 weeks of age ~
~ Trooper at 7 weeks of age ~
~ Trooper 9 weeks of age ~
~ Trooper is growing up and enjoying life ~
~ Hope tells Trooper to stay away from Sula. Trooper soon forgets and begins to play. ~
~ Trooper playing with foals ~
Trooper is now weaned, sports a black wooly coat and plays in a carefree manner
with other herd mates. The cold winter months will soon come.

KS Bluestem Stetsina

(Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Sweet O Correl)
Black Filly
DOB 12 May 2008

Stetsina is an incredibly beautiful filly. She has large eyes, is wide between the eyes with a chiseled muzzle. She is one of Kansas Bluestems prettiest fillies. She is 100% Foundation, old Midwest bloodlines, and carries the blood of Herod through both Red Correll and Archie O/Rose bay. Her grand dam is KS Bluestem Tonga's Legacy daughter of Sweets Tonga our original mare and full sister to Roxanne, Beau, Willie, Brewner etc. Stetsina is the daughter of our baroque Stetson. Stetsina looks very much like Stetson, thus the name Stetsina. She is bold, very bold and easy to get along with. She will be a filly that will want to please. I am forced to put her on my for sale list because I have collected to many but I will probably change my mind as she is just too lovely to sell!!! I MUST be CRAZY!!! If sold she will be the envy of others under saddle. She will make us all proud. Stetsina will mature into a baroque beauty just like her papa and if she darns silver she will definitely stand out in the crowd and turn heads.



Sire: Adielís Stetson

Dam: KS Bluestem Sweet O Correl


~ Stetsina at one day of age ~
~ Pretty little Stetsina turns two weeks old. ~
~ Stetsina three weeks of age. ~
~ Stetsina turns 7 weeks of age ~
~ July 2008 ~
Reagan and Stetsina
~ Stetsina has shed her foal coat and is growing up. ~
Stetsina is now weaned, she will play with her herdmates and grow
taller and stronger throughout the winter months.

KS Bluestem Cindy Lou

(Adielís Stetson X KS Bluestem Herod O Correl)
Black Filly
DOB 14 May 2008

Cindy Lou is a lovely black filly that has a gentle soul. She has an excellent temperament and always wants to please. She is bold in nature and inquisitive. Cindy Lou would become a little girls dream come true. She carries the blood of our Ebony mare. Ebony was a mare of great intelligence. Ebony stamped all of her get and you can easily pick Ebony babies out of a herd. They are interactive, intelligent, highly trainable and almost carry a human gene. They are dog like in nature. Cindy Lou is no different. She will become a life long mount; highly cherished and never change hands. Cindy Lou is destined to be that "special" mount for some little girl somewhere. She will become a horse of a lifetime and one that will never be forgotten.



Sire: Adielís Stetson

Dam: KS Bluestem Herod O Correl


~ Cindy Lou day one of age ~
~ Cindy Lou 12 days of age ~
Cindy Lou and her dam
~ Cindy Lou turns 6 weeks of age ~
~ Cindy Lou has shed her foal coat and is almost 4 months of age. ~
~ Cindy Lou is now weaned and a fuzzy filly. ~
~ Cindy Lou pictured with Trooper and Stestina ~


KS Bluestem Sula Mith

(Kells In Kirbyís Honor X Dís Ebony Lady)
Black Filly
DOB 14 May 2008

Check back to read about Sula's story.



Sire: Kells In Kirbyís Honor

Dam: Dís Ebony Lady




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