Kansas Buffalo Soldier

2003 Homozygous Black Stallion
100% Foundation - 15.1h at 3 yrs

Stud Fee: $500

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I knew at birth from the first time I saw him that Soldier would be the horse of my dreams. I only knew him for 17 days prior to my leaving for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am in the U.S. Army Reserve and was deployed for over one year. When I returned Soldier was a yearling. During my deployment Jim would keep me posted about the boys, farm and lastly always updates on the young Soldier. Soldier was such a special one, a once in a lifetime horse. I knew from day one he was different, he had a sense of boldness about him, a lovely intelligent eye, and the genetics to make him a "great one". He was to be named Kansas Buffalo Soldier; a powerful name I had retained for that once in a lifetime horse.

When I returned from my deployment I looked at my "grown" yearling Soldier. I let him go in pasture to play with the others. Then I watched him move, basically for the first time as a yearling; he took my breath away. His movement was mesmerizing. I had to just watch as his movement was stunning. He was a combination of his sires elegant movement coupled with the strong powerful trot of his dam's line. My assessment of Soldier was just a reconfirmation of what I believed. Soldier was to be one of our greatest horses; he was for sure a "Special One" a gift to us from the heavens above.

Prior to my leaving I taught Soldier some ground lessons like tying, backing, side-passing and turning on his haunches. I teach all of my babies these essential items soon after birth. I found it amazing that Soldier only had these lessons for the first 17 days of his life. He was basically untouched for over one year and then when I returned I put Soldier through his paces to see what he remembered. He remembered it all. I found it truly amazing that a 17 day old foal would have such a high retention rate.

Soldier is now coming three years old. Each day he becomes more and more beautiful. I still have to stop in my tracks to watch him move; mesmerized by his beauty and motion. When Soldier is fully mature he will resemble his "Uncle Beau" coupled with a bit more elegance from his sire. He will mature approximately 15.2 hands. As a coming three year old he stands approximately 15.1, has an intelligent soft brown eye, straight legs with excellent bone, good strong hooves and a huge powerful rear.

Since Soldier is still maturing and growing. I have had fun doing some light training with him and taking photos. I will include photos of Soldier from birth on up; but very few during the time I was deployed. I hope you enjoy the photos and stories of our lovely Soldier. You will see through photos and stories how much of a personality this horse has. He is comical, clown like and sometimes almost human. His depth of knowledge surpasses his age. You will also notice how he possesses great intelligence and trainability; very much comparable to a Border Collie. Soldier loves interaction and attention. He displays the kindness of a kitten and the beauty and movement that one can only dream about.

Watch for stories and updates of Soldier as he matures.

Suzanne Avery DVM




Spring 2009

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Spring is in the air. Soon Soldier will soon turn 6 years of age. He is maturing into everything we had hoped for. We named him Kansas Buffalo Soldier in hopes he would be a reflection of the name. Strong, powerful and one that commands respect. He is all of that much more. These photos were taken in early spring of 2009. He is not cleaned up and a muddy mess. The photos are not to display a pretty show boy but a horse of excellent movement, bone, substance and beauty. He is the horse of my dreams, my Soldier, strong, powerful, baroque and beautiful.



Driving 2008

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Soldier’s first cones course at a fun day event.

Driving Soldier at home in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas

Soldier is beginning to mature into a fine driving horse. His presentation is beginning to change. Soldier will mature over the winter. We look forward to driving Soldier again in 2009. We will also be expecting our first foal from Soldier in 2009.
We would like to thank Drew Callahan for doing such a fine job of training our Soldier. We know is a gifted horseman. In the summer/fall of 2008 we drove Soldier to some fun day events and at home. He is still young and maturing. We hope to show him in 2009. Soldier is truly a beautiful mover. I am so pleased with this horse. Below are photos of Soldier driving during 2008.



Fall 2007 ~ Early 2008

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Soldier is home. He is now maturing and beginning to look like a stallion.



2007 ~ Soldier age 4

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Drew and Soldier driving
Soldier and Drew Callahan
Catherine rides Soldier at Drews.
We sent Soldier to Drew Callahan for some formal training. Drew is an excellent horseman and trainer. We were really pleased in what Drew accomplished with Soldier. Pictured is Drew riding Soldier.



2006 ~ Soldier age 3

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Catherine loves to fly like the wind when mounted on a horse. She is a beautiful and talented rider. It is a lovely site to watch, Soldier and Catherine are riding like the wind together.



Soldier Under Saddle

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This is Soldiers third time under saddle. He is now 2 1/2 years of age. There is no doubt Soldier will be long strided. I am excited about our boy but we will take it slow.



Frosty Kansas Morning

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Winter has arrived and Soldier is now 2 1/2. We are all taking it slow during the winter months. Pictured is Soldier on a "Frosty Kansas Morning".



Soldier Begins Training

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Soldier is now two years of age and beginning some very light training. Hoss Simmet has come out weekly to work some of our horses. We included Soldier in the line up. Hoss works the horses using methods similar to Clinton Anderson.

Hoss is getting to know Soldier and making him "flex".
Hoss mounts up on Soldier for the first time. Soldier is very trusting and just stands. Soldier shows his submission by licking. He is an easy one to train.

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Soldiers training sessions with Hoss have been excellent. This is a photo of the end of the day on 06 November 2005, the first day that Soldier had a rider on his back. Soldier will be maturing more over winter and we will be working him lightly.



The Horse and The Hound

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Soldier and the 'young' Corporal

July 2005

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In the spring of 2005 Roxanne gave birth to another full sibling to Soldier. His name is KS Bluestem Corporal Black. We have hopes that Corporal may someday pair up with Soldier although he will not be retained as a stallion. He will be gelded. The following photos depict a meeting of Soldier and Corporal.



Soldier Turns Two!

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Soldier is growing up.
Photos taken of Soldier at 22 months of age.
"The Trot"




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