Adiel's Stetson

1992 Black Stallion - 100% Foundation
Linebred Old Midwest Herod Lines

~ Available via Frozen Semen Only ~




How fortunate we were to have the opportunity to acquire such a great stallion as Adiel's Stetson. Stetson is a 100% Sweets bred stallion who was bred by Gail and Marlene Neilson of Adiels Morgans in Kansas. Gail sold Stetson as a young horse and through some research and searching I found Stetson. When I found out Stetson was up for sale I knew Stetson had to come home to Kansas. Stetson is like "family" to us. Our entire herd consists of the line behind Stetson. We use this line because they have proven their worth as "using" animals, be it in harness or under saddle. This is an honest line with all of the traits we look for in a good horse; high trainability, intelligence and honesty.

Stetsonīs pedigree consists of linebred Herod lines. He is one of the few Morgans today that trace back to Archie O/Herod without carrying Lippitt lines. Stetson is also double Classy Boy/Condo and the AAA racing mare Chuckanut Hacienda. Stetson offers Old Midwest Foundation lines coupled with beauty, type, bone, substance, trainability, usability, smooth movement and boldness. Under saddle Stetson is the image of the old time Vaquero's mount or General's mount; black, baroque and beautiful.

Acquiring Stetson was more then exciting for us. We purchased Stetson on the "merits" of his blood and his family. I was not disappointed. He is one of the kindest stallions I have ever known. He has a lovely kind eye which portrays his great intelligence. He has inherited his mothers "dramatic" personality. If there are any opinions at the farm they are always expressed through Stetson. He always has a twinkle in his eye and when excited he bounces up and down like a pogo stick. He is so fun to watch. I have to admit I love to go into his pen and play with him. He is no doubt a "Drama King". He will tear around all puffed up, full of himself and just expressing the joys of life. My Stetson, like his dam and siblings, are on a different plain of intelligence. They just seem to "know", intelligence so great it could be compared to a boarder collie. Easy to train, wanting to please and always "knowing". Stetson is a "rare" find and I am so blessed that he is now part of our family.



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