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The Flinthills of Kansas

Kansas Bluestem Morgans is nestled in the beautiful Flinthills of Kansas, one of the last true prairies of the United States. The farm derives its name from the native Bluestem grasses found in the Flinthills. The native grasses are very rich nutritionally, allowing cattle to build strong bones, grow and gain up to 3.5 pounds per day. This native Bluestem grass is ranked as the richest and best grazing grass in the US and stands as fourth best in the world. Cattle are shipped from all over the US to graze these beautiful Flinthills. Along with cattle, the Flinthills are also a wonderful place to raise good, strong, horses. This is the land were our horses are raised, they never see a stall, and are raised in herd, the natural way. It is from the "elders" in the herd that the younger horses learn respect and a way of life. Elders teach many valued lessons to these young horses, from the social herd pecking order to maneuvering around and through the difficult terrain of the Flinthills. It is not long before the young horses soon learn the necessary valued lessons of life such as submission, patience, confidence and boldness. Values that are essential and the first building blocks for making a good horse. Flinthills pasture living is no less than a daily cross country event for our horses; they must negotiate ravines, gullies, climb steep hills, cross creeks, and when they feel like it run like the wind for ever and ever. There is no doubt in our minds that the Flinthills of Kansas is God's gift to all beasts that graze, and it is these hills with its rich grasses and difficult terrain that forms the basis for our Morgan horses.

The Kansas Bluestem Morgan Line

The bloodlines of our horses consists of old Midwestern Foundation lines, US Cavalry Remount lines and lines that run rich in the blood of Herod. We feel strong about using horses that carry lots of Herod blood. It is known that horses of Herod blood are horses of good temperaments, willing and honest. They are also bold horses that do not readily shy and horses that carry good bone and substance.

Our number one breeding goal is to breed horses that are calm, willing, dedicated and honest. A horse that will give its 100% or die trying. A horse that the whole family can use, to include children. We do not breed for the beauty of a horse. I truly agree with the saying that "Beauty is what beauty does". If a horse is beautiful and bucks you off or runs away with you is worthless in my books. No doubt, I think that our horses are good looking horses, but beauty is not our main breeding goal. The horses mind is what we look at first. If the mind passes, then and only then will we look at the rest of the horse. They must then possess the conformation that will be structurally sound, conformation that will hold up into their twilight years. What you will find in our horses are horses of good minds, good size, nice withers and have lots of substance. They are horses that possess powerful hindquarters, good strong bone, correct feet and legs and then finally horses that have a wonderful ground covering "rolling" strong "true" trot. We truly enjoy the sport of carriage driving, it is our passion, and a horse that possesses a powerful "true" trot is a must. This coupled with our horses size and substance makes them excellent "sport" horses. To sum it up or in other words what we are breeding for is a horse that the whole family can use, feel safe on, and one that will remain structurally sound forever.

As you enter the site you will see that we start using/working our horses from birth. We do not call it imprinting at Kansas Bluestem Morgans we call it "using" them or "working" them. Right from the start, right from day one. In essence what we breed for at Kansas Bluestem Morgans are "using/working" horses. Morgans that are quiet honest working horses.

~ Suzanne Avery DVM


Jim & Suzanne Avery DVM
Rte 1, Box 73
Westmoreland, Kansas 66549




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